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District Resources for Responding to COVID-19

In order to help irrigation districts and similar entities respond to and manage COVID-19 related impacts to district operations, OWRC has compiled a list of resources for districts to use and modify as applicable.  We will add additional resources and guidance documents as we receive them.  Please consult your attorney for specific guidance.

In March 2020, Governor Brown issued a series of Executive Orders related to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, some of which have been updated and some of which are still in effect.  Key EO’s are listed below.  For more information about the State of Oregon’s response to the pandemic and available resources, please visit the Governor’s Coronavirus Support & Info webpage.

On June 30th, Governor Brown issued Executive Order 20-30 “Second Extension of Executive Order 20-03 and COVID-19 State of Emergency; Rescinding Executive Order 20-13 and Executive Order 20-18”

On May 14th, Governor Brown issued Executive Order 20-25 “A Safe and Strong Oregon: Maintaining Essential Health Directives in Response to COVID-19, and Implementing a Phased Approach for Reopening Oregon’s Economy.”  Check to see what your county’s status is here.  

On Thursday, April 15th Governor Brown issued new Executive Order 20-16Keep Government Working,” related to public meetings by local governments.  This is still in effect but likely to be rescinded as the Oregon Legislature passed HB 4212 in the first special session, which codified the provisions of the EO. 

NEW – Updated Oregon Health Authority Guidance on Face coverings – October 19, 2020

Options and Tips for Hosting Remote Meetings

Examples of Policies and Procedures to Comply with Executive Order 20-12 “Stay Home, Save Lives”: 

SDAO Resources

State Guidance

Federal Guidance & Resources