How to Join

Membership in the Oregon Water Resources Congress is open to water supply districts, irrigation, water control, port, drainage and water improvement districts; corporations; cities and counties; farms and individual water users; and agribusiness and industry associates. Membership dues vary based on type of membership and are assessed annually.  Applications for District membership and Affiliate organizations are reviewed prior to acceptance.

Eligible Districts: Irrigation Districts organized under ORS 545, Drainage Districts organized under ORS 547, Diking Districts organized under ORS 551, Water Improvement Districts organized under 552, Water Control Districts organized under 553, Corporations of use or Control of Water organized under ORS 554; and similar public or private entities that are organized in Oregon or in state contiguous with Oregon and serve landowners in Oregon or have a source of water in Oregon.   District members have full voting rights and the right to hold office.  Apply today: 2021 District Application

Eligible Affiliates: Organizations and individuals who support irrigated agriculture and OWRC mission, including: Associations; Attorneys; Cities, Counties, Ports, and other municipal and quasi-municipal entities; Consultants,  Government agencies and their representatives; Product Suppliers, and individuals not associated with other eligible entities.  Affiliates do not have voting rights.  Apply today: 2021 Affiliate Application

District Members and Affiliates are to conduct themselves in a manner that is supportive of irrigated agriculture and OWRC’s mission.  An Affiliate that fails to meet the criteria as stated in the OWRC bylaws, or fails to pay its dues in a timely fashion, may be removed. In addition, an Affiliate that conducts business in a manner that is detrimental to the welfare of OWRC, or that is adverse to a majority of OWRC members, may be removed.  Please review the OWRC Affiliate Policy  for more information.